Curry Creek Outfitters

Your Stop for Outdoor Fun

We are Curry Creek Outfitters, your one-stop shop for all things outdoor. We believe that being outdoors is good for the soul. To help you have the best outdoor experience possible, we carry all the goods you'll ever need. From lunch boxes to sunscreen and everything in between, you can find it at Curry Creek Outfitters. At Curry Creek Outfitters, you can also stop in and rent kayaks and rowboats to take out on Lake Babcock. Visit Curry Creek Outfitters today to see what we have to offer.

Where Are We?

If you're wondering where we are, you're not alone! Curry Creek Outfitters is the first retail store in the new town of Babcock Ranch, Florida, the first solar powered town in the United States. You can find Curry Creek Outfitters in Woodlea Hall, which is the main sales center for Babcock Ranch. To get to Babcock Ranch, drive to SR-31. The main entrance to Babcock will be a few miles up the road from Palm Beach Blvd.